Our technology

Technology used is important especially in sensitive operations. Our three main technologies are listed below and more information can be found out by using the menus on the left, but here is a quick overview.

BackIT™, Data back-up protection, recovery and security continue to be major concerns to all clients, even more so in light of greater risk and regulation. The probability of partial or complete data loss is getting higher due to greater risk of user error, system failure, data corruption, environmental or terrorist threats. The costs of data loss are incalculable and known all too well to each organisation.

Mon™ provides a uniquely better way of diagnosing and resolving network and user issues through an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface. Mon™ offers engineers a secure, real-time and remote interrogation of every machine on the network at the touch of a button, with minimal impact on users.

ServIT™, OUR proprietary server monitoring application, delivers genuinely pre-emptive reporting, interrogating server performance in real-time to flag up issues before they impact your business.