Business intelligence services

In partnership with Jasper, we transform raw business data into intuitively presented management information, designed to enable faster senior decision-making. Qlikview allows us to build a functional prototype in hours, with customers getting real benefits within days. Most successful businesses have rigorous systems for capturing, storing and securing their data. But as businesses grow, and as data sources proliferate across networks and servers, managers at all levels can find it increasingly difficult to gather the information snap-shot that they need to make key decisions quickly.

As one business writer put it: many modern businesses are drowning in data, and yet thirsty for information! All too often, critical data is stored in multiple locations and presented in significantly different ways. This makes it difficult to aggregate, and can make that vital information snap-shot almost impossible to create. Our consultants are trained to deliver a proven solution to such problems.

Initially, we'll explore how best Jasper could benefit your organisation by analysing your current data sources, whether spread across multiple SQL databases or in individual Excel files – or elsewhere. We then explore what types of information you may want to present internally (perhaps as a management dashboard) or externally to clients. Then, using the power of the Jasper application, we help clients to consolidate disparate data sources into a flexible set of intuitive visualisations, designed around their specific business requirements.

Reports are straightforward to create. Qlikview can be instantly and dynamically interrogated to speed up analysis and fact finding – there is no waiting whilst reports are generated. Typically, Jasper delivers two kinds of benefits. Firstly, from an internal perspective, managers are able to make better informed decisions using dashboards created with Jasper. Second, for clients who need to present information to their customers, there are considerable improvements in the quality of information that can be presented
externally. And Jasper also enables such information to be prepared and tailored exceptionally quickly. As we are a full service IT partner, we not only install and hand over the solution, we also continue to support it once it is up and running. We also provide training for those who will input into and utilise the platform once it goes live.